A Tailored On-Site Workshop To Help Your Team Turn Your Website Into A LEAD GENERATION MACHINE!

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Our hands-on workshop, tailored to your specific needs and held at your offices, is the perfect solution for marketing teams who need to get up to speed with the latest web based lead generation techniques.

What we cover

Although our workshops are customised to your exact needs in general by the end of the workshop we guarantee your team will understand the importance of measuring what they do and gain knowledge of:


Understand what SEO is and what it isn’t.

inbound marketing

Understand inbound marketing best practice.

keyword research

Be proficient using keyword research and competitor analysis tools.

marketing automation

Understand the power of marketing automation tools.

PPC campaigns

Understand how to create successful PPC campaigns.

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meet the trainers

Our trainers, Caron Rose, David Robinson and Julie Mitchell-Mehta are hands on real world inbound marketing practitioners obsessed with securing search engine rankings, traffic and leads.

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Remember, this is not off the shelf training, it’s tailored to your company’s specific needs and will fast track your marketing team to inbound success.